Recorded Auditions

Equipment needed:

  • Smartphone or video camera
  • Tripod, music stand, or human assistant
  • Optional: audio recorder or microphone

Recording your audition:

  • Auditions do not have to be done in one continuous take. You may stitch together multiple videos into one, or submit multiple video files.
  • Set up your recording device on your tripod / music stand / human assistant so that you and your instrument are in full view. We need to be able to see your hands and face.
  • Do a test recording of your scale, playing both piano and forte. If the audio playback sounds bad or distorted, move further away from the recorder or point your instrument at a different angle.
  • When you are satisfied with your sound quality, record your audition. Start the audition by introducing yourself, and make sure to introduce each piece you are playing as well. You can play your pieces in any order you’d like.
  • If you have recorded your audio and video separately, you'll need to join them together in video editing software like iMovie.
  • You should not leave this until the last minute, as it can take several days to produce an audition you’re happy with!

All audition material must be received by the orchestra manager no later than July 6, 2024.