How to be a Member

What are the commitments?

Since NBYO members are from various areas of New Brunswick, the NBYO gathers in various centres around New Brunswick, including, but not limited to, Moncton, Saint John, Fredericton, Bathurst, Edmundston... etc.

The NBYO season consists of the following :

  • NBYO Camp Week: 5 days of rehearsal in late August or early September
  • Rehearsal/Concert Weekends: Rehearsals are Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday morning. Concerts are typically Sundays at 2:00pm (except Moncton Rehearsal/Concert Weekend is typically Saturday at 7:00pm) Rehearsal/Concert Weekends are held once per month from September - March, except December. 
  • Day Rehearsals: Scheduled on 2-3 Saturdays between the regularly scheduled weekends.

Depending on where you are traveling from, you may be required to miss class time of the Friday on Rehearsal/Concert weekends. We recommend that you clear these absences with your school as early as possible.

What is the policy for absences?

Once you have been accepted to NBYO, you become an essential part of NBYO, where every member’s participation is important. We expect you to honour your commitment to us, and to make NBYO your first priority. Orchestra members are automately excused from rehearsal and/or concerts in the case of illness or family emergancy only. For all other cases, please consult with your orchestra manager as soon as possible. Please plan your year accordingly to avoid scheduling conflicts with other activities. We encourage you to advise your other directors, teachers and coaches of the details of your NBYO schedule, at the beginning of the school year.

The Music Director reserves the right to accept or refuse your request to be absent from rehearsals and concerts. If you are unable to attend rehearsals at a particular weekend, you will not usually be permitted to play that weekend’s concert. In any case, absence should be a rare exception; frequent, persistent or unexcused absences will usually result in your being asked to leave the orchestra.

Our regular season ends in March, as we are sensitive to the fact that music festivals and university exams occur in April and May, when your availability might be compromised.

How much should I practice?

All NBYO members are expected to attend all rehearsal and concert weekends and are to be fully prepared by having practised your parts in the repertoire in advance of the weekend. The repertoire is often very demanding; you must schedule individual practice time between rehearsals. The Music Director and faculty will supply practice tips to enhance and improve your experience.

In addition, you are expected to continue your commitment to playing in your music ensemble(s) in your region during the season, which remains essential to your development.

All other questions can be directed to orchestra manager Sarah Devlin (506) 229-4918 

When and where are the NBYO weekends?