Audition Dates 2019

Université de Moncton: Saturday, April 6

Mount Allison University: Sunday, April 7

Fredericton: Saturday, May 25

Saint John: Sunday, May 26

Moncton: Saturday, June 15 & Sunday, June 16

To book an audition, please contact the Orchestra Manager Sarah Devlin at 

Other cities may be added where there is demand. 

2019-2020 Season Schedule

HERE you will find a complete season schedule with NBYO camp, rehearsal, and concert dates for the 2019-2020 season. All NBYO regular season events are mandatory, so we plan them far in advance in order to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Audition Material
  1. Completed audition form
  2. $20 audition fee (cash or cheque)
  3. Audition repertoire
  4. Photocopy of your contrasting movement(s) of choice
The Audition

An audition panel consisting of three-four professional musicians will hear your audition. The audition will be recorded to allow the panel to evaluate and discuss your audition. The Music Director has the final say, should there be any disagreement among the panel members. 

The entire audition takes about 10 minutes


To be considered for membership in NBYO:

  1. You will be required to demonstrate at an audition, either in person or through a recording, your ability in playing an orchestral instrument. 
  2. You should be a resident of New Brunswick during the NBYO season (although occasional exceptions from a neighbouring Province could be made to fill a key position for which there is no qualified player residing in New Brunswick).

Note, there are no set age limits for membership, nor is it required that members be students at educational institutions. Typically, our players’ ages range from 11 to the early 20s and most (if not all) attend school, college or university in New Brunswick.
Members must be sufficiently mature to deal with the demands of full weekends away from home. If lack of maturity is an issue with an otherwise successful candidate, the candidate’s parents will be contacted prior to the start of the season to discuss the matter in order to come to an agreement. For instance, in the event that a talented (but very young) musician should successfully audition, he or she may be admitted, but a parent may have to commit to accompanying the youngster to NBYO events.

We encourage all young musician to audition as the process in itself is a valuable and educational experience and will be of benefit to all who participate

Selection process

We audition for all regular positions each year. Previous participation in NBYO does not guarantee re-admission to the orchestra, or of promotion within the section.

  • Violin: 20 - 24
  • Viola: 6-8
  • Cello: 8-10
  • Bass: 6-8
  • Oboe/English horn: 4-6
  • Flute/piccolo: 4-6
  • Clarinet/bass clarinet: 4-6
  • Bassoon: 4-6
  • French horn: 5-8
  • Trumpet: 4-6
  • Trombone: 4-6
  • Tuba: 2-3
  • Perucssion: 3-5
  • Keyboard: 1 (drawn from orchestra)
  • Harp: 1-2

All candidates will be notified by email by June 25th, 2019

  1. Regular members - are required to attend all rehearsals and concerts. 
  2. Alternate members - are required at all rehearsals and will audition each rehearsal weekend for the pieces they will perform in the concert. 

Those requiring more development to reach NBYO standards, or who are impossible to place in the Orchestra because of an excess of qualified candidates for a particular instrument are encouraged to audition again the following year. 

Other Important Details

Orchestra Fees: In addition to the $20.00 audition fee, there is a programme fee for full members. Each regular member pays a $600 registration fee, alternates pay $300. These fees contribute in part to the season costs of auditions, music purchase or rental, instruction by professional musicians, and other operational expenses. Member fees account for only about 10% of the total operating cost of NBYO with the balance coming from generous donors, concert ticket sales, CD sales and other sources. Note that there could be additional fees charged for essential materials.

Financial Aid: Each year the NBYO foundation offers bursaries to players with financial need. If you are not able to afford the fees associated with playing in NBYO, please contact Sarah Devlin at / 506-229-4918 for an application form and submit it no later than August 1st 2019.