NBYO musicians to earn academic credit
Tuesday, May 28, 2019
NBYO musicians to earn academic credit

This September, Mount Allison University in Sackville will begin offering academic credits to university students who are also musicians with the New Brunswick Youth Orchestra.

The credits are now included in the University’s Large Ensemble Credit Program. Students involved in large ensemble groups, can receive up to seven credits towards their education.

“This is part of the University’s efforts to take into account students’ participation in groups, such as choir and the orchestra, as part of their education,” says Stephen Runge, Head and Associate Professor, Music. “The advantage for students is that it gives them some flexibility when obtaining their degree. Their outside experiences and participation counts for something.”

Students don’t necessarily need to participate in the school’s music program to obtain the credits. Each year, the NBYO participation counts for one credit. A total of three credits is needed to be the equivalent of a university course.

“We are thrilled that NBYO students attending Mount Allison will have the opportunity to be credited for their role within the orchestra,” says Ken MacLeod. “The life skills, such as discipline and commitment, and the high level of musical instruction and achievement gained by performing with the NBYO, most definitely contribute to the education and learning of students.”

NBYO rehearses for ENCORE concert at Convocation Hall in Sackville -- March 24, 2019