Keeping Faith - New Brunswick Youth Orchestra - page 16

Reflectingon theFirstWorldWar leads to the jarring realization that
if ourOrchestramembers hadbeen alive 100 years ago,manywould
have been in theheart of combat. Allwouldbe supporting thewar
effort fromhome. A very largenumberwouldhave died, and eachof
them, their families and communities, wouldhave paid a price.
Our youngpeoplehave verydifferent lives, not just from the
passage of time, but because of a foundationof sacrifice andpain.
We oftenhear thatCanada came of age as an independent nation
during theFirstWorldWar, but the price ofmaturitywas high.
So theNBYO is joining the effort tokeep faithwith veterans, and
their families and communities.We areusingprint, video and an
original composition commissioned andperformedby theNBYO
tohelppeople of all ages connectwith the storyofNewBrunswick
andCanada during “thewar to end allwars.”
Keeping faith:
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