NBYO Musicians Compete in Music Competitions
Tuesday, September 4, 2018
NBYO Musicians Compete in Music Competitions
NBYO Flautist--Avery Kennedy

Percussionist Jocelyn Blanchette and Flautist Avery Kennedy competed against their peers at two different music competitions this summer.

Blanchette, who plays the Marimba, was the only Canadian invited to travel to Melbourne, Australia, for the 5th Annual Australian Marimba Competition. Seventeen competitors from across the globe attended the two-day competition in August. Musicians were asked to perform their audition piece as well as a second piece.

“It was an incredible experience to meet and compete with some of the most talented percussionists out there,” says Blanchette. “It was a very welcoming atmosphere and I learned a lot from the other musicians. It definitely improved my skills.”

 Jocelyn Blanchette

While Blanchette did not win the competition, he says the learnings he is taking back have been invaluable. He hopes to use this knowledge to mentor new percussionists who have joined the NBYO this year.   

Flautist Avery Kennedy competed with her peers to win the 2018 NBYO Concerto Prize. The competition took place in Moncton during the NBYO’s Orchestra Camp.  Kennedy competed against 14 other orchestral musicians from across the province. She performed a Vivaldi Piccolo Concerto in C Major, which earned her the winning prize.

“This award is especially exciting since the participants were all really talented,’ says Kennedy. “I was completely surprised and honoured to be selected and I am very much looking forward to performing again this year with the NBYO.”

The 2018-19 NBYO concerto competition is generously sponsored by the Memorial University of Newfoundland Faculty of Music.