Young Metro Moncton musicians demonstrate their concert skills
Saturday, April 1, 2017
Young Metro Moncton musicians demonstrate their concert skills
Sistema NB will present its annual spring concert at the Capitol Theatre in downtown Moncton on April 3 featuring performances by the Bach String Orchestra and Vivaldi Wind Ensemble. Admission is free. PHOTO: CHELSEY HIEBERT


Sistema New Brunswick will present its annual Spring Concert at the Capitol Theatre on Monday, featuring performances by the Bach String Orchestra and Vivaldi Wind Ensemble.

It is the second of two spring concerts in Moncton, the first of which was held at Moncton Wesleyan Church on March 27. Sistema NB Moncton Centre Director Chelsey Hiebert says about 100 young musicians in Grades 1 to 5 from both the Anglophone East School District and the Francophone Sud School District are involved.

The hour-long concert will open with four pieces by the Vivaldi Wind Ensemble followed by three pieces by the Bach String Orchestra. Hiebert says the students take their craft very seriously and are thrilled to have the opportunity to take to the stage of the Capitol Theatre where many professional musicians have performed.

“The Capitol Theatre is ... a very special place for the students to play. They work extremely hard and deserve to play such a wonderful venue,” she said. “It will be an hour of jam-packed cuteness. The kids love to show off what they’ve learned.”

Eight-year-old Annick Umuhoza is eager to perform at the concert. The Grade 2 Beaverbrook School student has been learning to play the violin at the Moncton Sistema centre for two years.

“I like [the violin] because it has the highest sound of all string instruments,” she said. “I like the way it sounds.”

She said she enjoys the program and has made many friends through it. She also plans to continue playing violin in the years to come.

“I’m excited [for the performance] but not nervous,” she said.

Emma Hart, 11, is in her first year of the program but is already considered a rock star on the French horn. She has excelled at the enormous brass instrument, which is the horn most often used in professional orchestras and bands.

“It’s b eautiful and I love the sound,” says the Grade 5 Birch-mount School student. “It’s been a really good experience and the teachers are amazing.”

Like Annick, Emma is looking forward to the concert and feels “very ready” to play at such a professional venue. She’s confident the audience will love all of the performers who have worked so hard to prepare for the big day.

“Everyone is super excited and will do a fantastic job,” she said.

The Sistema NB program is offered to the school-aged children, free of charge, to give them an opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument in an orchestral setting.

There is always over-whelming community support for the concerts, with upwards of 300 people at most and standing room only at times, Hiebert said. Although donations are accepted, all of the concerts are free to the community and everyone is invited to attend.